Transition Committee Announces Dates & Locations of Walkabouts


The nominees for the 11th Bishop of Indianapolis will be presented to the people of the Diocese of Indianapolis at four gatherings which are part of the “Walkabout.” (This information is also available as a bulletin insert)


Friday, October 14

St. Paul’s, Indianapolis

6050 N. Meridian St.

Indianapolis, IN 46201


Check-in begins at 6:30 pm, program begins at 7pm


Saturday, October 15

St. Andrew’s Greencastle

520 E. Seminary

Greencastle, IN 46135


Check-in begins at 9:30 am; program begins at 10:00am


Saturday, October 15

St. Paul’s, Evansville

301 S. E. First Street

Evansville, IN 47713

Check-in begins at 3:30pm; program begins at 4:00pm


Sunday, October 16

St. Paul’s, Columbus

2651 California St.

Columbus, IN 47201


Check-in begins at 2:30pm; program begins at 3:00pm


What is the Purpose of the Walk-About?

The Walk-About provides a way to introduce the nominees to the people of the diocese.  This is an opportunity for the nominees to see a sample of the churches and ministries that are representative of the life of this diocese.  It is also an opportunity for the people of the diocese to meet and hear the nominees.  The Walk-About is a part of the discernment process in which people of the diocese are asked to listen and prayerfully consider who it is that God is calling to be the 11th Bishop of Indianapolis.  This is not intended to be a time to discuss issues, but rather a part of the discernment process for both those attending, and the nominees.

Who should attend the Walk-About?

All those who will be voting in the election on October 28th (deputies and clergy) should attend one of the Walk-About sessions.  Other parishioners and non-voting clergy  are most certainly invited and encouraged to attend.  Whether or not you are a voting deputy, this is your opportunity to meet and hear the nominees before the election.  Walk-About sessions will begin promptly at the scheduled time, so please plan on arriving at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the session. Please have your parish office let the host church know how many they will be coming from your church.


What Should I Expect at the Walk-About?

The Walk-About session will begin with a brief gathering of all in attendance, and will include opening prayers, introductions, and instructions.  Attendees will then be asked to proceed to their assigned breakout room, where they will remain for all sessions.  Your nametag will include your breakout room assignment.  The nominees will rotate through the rooms so that everyone has an opportunity to meet and hear each of them in a smaller setting.


The Breakout Sessions

Each breakout room will have a moderator. A session will begin with the nominee answering three general questions.  These three questions will remain the same for each session.  Nominees will then answer one question that they have chosen in advance.  After these questions have been answered, the moderator will ask additional questions that have been randomly chosen from the questions submitted to the Walk-About subcommittee.  Each session will be 25 minutes long, with a 5-minute break after each session.


How to Submit Questions for the Candidates

Email your questions for the candidates to The Transition Team will compile all the questions received and come up with the three questions to be asked at the Walk-Abouts. If you attend a Walk-About, you will be able to fill out a card with your question. Questions will then be randomly drawn during each session.


How do I Prepare for the Walk-About?

  • Read the nominees’ profiles and answers to written questions on the bishop search page of the diocesan website
  • Their answers should give you some insight concerning how each nominee might lead the diocese.
  • Read the diocesan profile.
  • Pray for guidance.
  • Come to the Walk-Abouts with an open heart, and open mind.  Allow your heart and mind to be open to guidance of the Holy Spirit.


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