We Wonder

●  We have talented lay people in every congregation. How do we better empower, equip, and encourage them in their ministry inside and outside the church? ●  When we look around at Diocesan meetings or at Diocesan Convention, nearly everyone looks the same. How can we increase our diversity and our awareness of “who’s missing”?

Our Challenges

●  Evangelism: Our Diocese desires to grow numerically and spiritually. In order to do so, we want to be more confident in our abilities to articulate who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ and to invite friends and neighbors into our faith communities. Will you equip us by setting an example, and then help

Meet the Search Committee

The Rev. Dr. Charles Allen Chaplain, Grace Unlimited, Indianapolis What activities or ministries have you been involved with in the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis? The larger Episcopal Church?  I am a priest and campus chaplain. The funding for campus ministry comes principally from the Diocese of Indianapolis. I frequently supply in parishes. I serve as a Diocesan

Video: The Search Timeline

The Search Committee for the Eleventh Bishop of Indianapolis is releasing a series of short videos about what the search process looks like, how the diocesan household can participate, and what a bishop does. In this second video, shot at Waycross Camp & Conference Center, committee member Lara Dreyer describes the timeline of the search

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re assembling lists of frequently asked questions as folks ask them. Here’s what we’ve got so far. Is there something else you want to know? Send us an e-mail and we’ll give it a shot. FAQ: The Search Process FAQ: The Role of a Bishop


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