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Jeffrey Brinkmann (chair) - Trinity, Indianapolis

I attend Trinity Episcopal Church in Indianapolis and have been a member for 14 years.   I have served as Senior Warden, Vestry Member, Chair of the Personnel Committee, and sing bass in the choir.  I also serve on the Pathways to Vitality Steering Committee  for the Diocese

Professionally I am The Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Supportive Insurance Services.


The Rev. Gordon Chastain, Chaplain

I am a retired priest, ordained in the diocese of Indianapolis in 1962. Since  that time I have served 6 parishes in the diocese, supplied in most of the others, worked in Public Health Departments, and led an HIV-AIDs center. I am an Oblate of the Order of Julian of Norwich and, in retirement, continue a ministry of spiritual direction as well chaplaincy to the Search and Transition Committees.


Peggy Allen - St. Stephen's, Terre Haute

I am a member of St. Stephen's Terre Haute, currently serving a Treasurer.  I came to the Episcopal church through marriage, having been raised Roman Catholic.  As a military family, Indiana is our 9th home. I have worked with State Farm Insurance for 18 years, currently as office manager with an agent in Brazil, IN.

Christopher (1)

The Rev. Christopher Beasley - St. Peter's, Lebanon

I graduated from Bexley Seabury Theological Federation in 2014 and was ordained in the Diocese of Indianapolis in September 2014. I am currently serving as Bi-Vocational Vicar of St. Peter's in Lebanon where we have an active honeybee ministry and community garden spaces.

I split my time between my secular job as Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Anthem, Inc. in Indianapolis and the church. I currently serve on the Pathways to Vitality Financial Steering Committee and have been the Chaplain at Waycross for our Youth Conference.  My role on the Transition Team is to facilitate the Day of the Election of our new Bishop!

Thomas Blake

The Rev. Thomas Blake, Grace, Muncie

I am in my thirteenth year as Rector of Grace Church, Muncie. While in the Diocese of Indianapolis, I have served on the Standing Committee, the Executive Council, and as Dean of the Northeast Deanery. I served as a Deputy to General Convention in 2009, 2012, and 2015, as an Alternate Deputy in 2006, as Chair of the Indianapolis deputation in 2012, and as a member of the legislative committees on Social and Urban Affairs and Prayer Book, Liturgy, and Church Music. I also served as a delegate to Province V Synods in 2012 and 2015, and at a church wide consultation in 2011. I previously served parishes in the Diocese of Maryland.


Sandra Dailey - St. Peter's, Lebanon

Lifetime Episcopalian - I have been a faithful member of the Episcopal Church for over 50 years and have live in the Diocese of Indianapolis since 1992. I am currently a member of St Peter’s Lebanon and also have been a member of Trinity Indianapolis.


Jamie-Sue Ferrell - Grace, Muncie

I was confirmed into the Episcopal Church in 2014 having been raised in the ELCA. Currently, I am the Senior Warden and Altar Guild Coordinator at Grace, Muncie. At the diocesan level, I have been a part of Pathways to Vitality and the diocesan contingent in the 2016 Circle City Pride Parade.


The Rev. Stephen Gable - Peace, Rockport

I was reared in Marion, Indiana and earned my undergraduate degree from Butler University in 1964.  In 1967 I was ordained priest after graduating from The Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas.  After serving as Vicar of All Saints in Seymour, I left parish ministry and went to work in the property-casualty insurance business. 

In 1988 my wife and I retired to Bloomington, Indiana, where I have been active in the life and work of Trinity Church. I have done supply work throughout our diocese over the years, and have, at one time or another been the celebrant and/or preacher in a majority of our parishes.  Most recently I have served as the Vicar of Peace Church in Rockport.


The Rev. Rick Kautz - St. Paul's, New Albany

I was ordained in the Diocese of Colorado and have served parishes in Colorado, Southern Ohio, and Southwest Florida. I have been in the Diocese of Indianapolis eight years and currently serve as rector of St. Paul's in New Albany. In the diocese I have served on the Commission on Ministry and the Cursillo steering committee. 


Randall Keko - Trinity, Bloomington

Retired CPA, International Director of Sales. Presently self employed marketing & sales consultant. Local parish experience with vestry, outlook, pastoral care and finance commissions. Diocese experience Treasurer of Global Commission, convention delegate and traveled on mission trips to Haiti & Brazil.


Rose Lane - All Saints, Indianapolis

I am a lifelong Episcopalian and grew up at St. John's, Speedway.  I have been a member of All Saints, Indianapolis for 14 years where I have been on the Vestry, served as Senior Warden, and currently assist with stewardship activities and the annual pledge campaign.  I also sing in the choir.  I have been on the Waycross Board and continue to work in an administrative role with the Council of Advisors for Waycross. 


Amy Paget - St. John's, Lafayette

I was received into the Anglican Communion in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  I have worshiped at St. John's Lafayette for over 25 years.  I am a former Waycross Board member and a member of the Episcopal Women's Ministries Council for the Diocese.  A librarian by profession, I am an active lay leader, trained as a Congregational Wellness Advocate by Living Compass, and involved in delivering adult spiritual formation events throughout Indiana.