In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ: Greetings.

On behalf of the whole Search Committee for the Eleventh Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, the Episcopal Church in Central and Southern Indiana, and with the enthusiastic consent of the Standing Committee, I am pleased to present to the diocesan household this slate of candidates. The Standing Committee charged our committee to assemble a slate of talented, faithful people, any one of whom we were convinced would be qualified to serve as our bishop. This is that slate.

We are grateful to the whole household for your input and insights that guided our profile, for your patience, and for your regular prayers. We give thanks, too, for the many candidates who were willing to put their names forward and offer their gifts to our diocese.

I also want to extend my deepest thanks to the faithful members of the Search Committee team, who worked tirelessly and seamlessly to produce this wonderful slate of nominees. Our work was energizing and exciting, and I can truly say that this was one of my best experiences in the church! When you see them around the diocese, will you please thank them for the ministry they have done on our behalf? The Rev. Dr. Charles Allen, The Rev. Gordon Chastain, The Rev. Dr. Hilary Cooke, Lara Dreyer, George Eastman, The Rev. Dr. Richard Godbold, The Rev. Dr. Gray Lesesne, Terry Noble, Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale, The Rev. Karen Sullivan, The Rev. Fatima Yakubu-Madus, and Melissa zur Loye.

The next stage of our transition now begins: to get to know this slate of candidates, and discern together which of them God is calling to lead us in the next chapter of our ministry in this diocese.


Pam Douglas
Search Committee Chair

All candidate profiles are published in English and Spanish. Todos los perfiles de los candidatos están publicando en inglés y español.

The Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows

The Rev. Dr. Grace Burton-Edwards

The Rev. Canon Bruce W. Gray

The Rev. Canon Lance Ousley

The Rev. Dina van Klaveren